This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) sets out how we use data relating to you that you provide to us, or that we may collect, through our website https://playablefactory.com/ and its subdomains (the “Website”).  The Website is owned and operated by Playable Factory Yazılım Ticaret A.Ş a company registered in Turkey with the Central Registration System Number 0730062076100001 and its registered office at Levazım Mahallesi, Yeni Bahar Sk. Aydın Sitesi Müstakil Konut VI, Apt. NO:1 D Beşiktaş, Istanbul, Turkey (“Playable Factory”,“we”, “us” or “our”).

We attach importance to the confidentiality of your data and we are committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy. This Policy explains how Playable Factory handles your personal and, in particular, details how we collect, store, use, process, transfer, or disclose, and enable you to access, rectify, erase or restrict the processing of your personal data, what are the rights to your personal data, and how these rights can be exercised.

Please also note that our Website may contain links to third party websites, which are not subject to this Policy. Please be aware that we are not responsible for, nor do we endorse, the content or privacy of these third party sites. We strongly encourage you to review the privacy policies applicable to such sites before interacting with them.


For the purposes of this Policy, “personal data” is any information that can be used to identify you directly or indirectly. The information which you actively provide to us through our Website and / or the data which we collect by automated means such as cookies might be considered as personal data.  Examples of personal data may be counted as your first name, your last name, your e-mail address, internet protocol (IP) address.

When you use the Website, we can obtain the following information from you, if you actively provide to us:

Demo Request. If you request a demo version of our playable / interactive adverts solutions, you need to provide your name and your e-mail address by filling the “Request Demo Form”. We obtain these information to inform you about our services and provide you our playable / interactive adverts solutions under the following legal grounds: (i) performance of a contract and (ii) legitimate interests.

Job Application. You can see the open job positions in the “Job” section of our Website and apply if you are interested in gaming and suitable for open positions. When you apply for a job at Playable Factory we may collect the following personal data: full name, contact details (i.e., address, phone number and email address, etc), date of birth, driver’s license details, passport details, identification number, , employment history and education details, names and contact details of referees under the following legal grounds: (i) legitimate interests . Please do not share any sensitive personal data (i.e., religion, political or philosophical opinion, membership of a trade union, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation) with us during job applications. Information not relevant to the application will not be collected.

Contact. Playable Factory obtains the personal information of Website visitors and potential customers on the subjects they request through the contact information provided through the Site. Upon your request, your personal data such as your name or surname, telephone number, e-mail address are collected and processed by Playable Factory in order to be able to respond to your request and to provide a better service by establishing a more effective communication with you and under the following legal grounds: (i) legitimate interests.

Blog Subscription. We inform you about our new posts / articles, if you subscribe to our newsletter by providing us your name and e-mail address. Please note that we send newsletters and / or e-mails only with the consent of the recipient and you can terminate the receipt of our newsletter at any time by withdrawing your consent.

In addition to the data which you actively provide to us through our websites (for example, by completing online forms or asking us to remember your preferences), we may collect certain personal data by automated means, such as cookies, internet tags, web beacons and similar automated data collection means when you visit our websites:

Web Traffic, Device and Location. In relation to your activity on our online services, we may collect information relating to the web address that you arrive from or click through to, pages viewed, page response times, download errors, the length of time you spend on certain pages, page interaction information such as scrolling, clicks, and methods used to browse away from our Website. We may also collect technical information about your computer and/or device that may identify you, including your IP address, operating system, browser type, time-zone and browser and the location where you access to our Website. The information collected by Playable Factory can be used in various ways in order to optimize and improve the services of Playable Factory and improve the service provided to users through database by enriching it. Playable Factory may use this information for website management, security, promotional activities, research and analysis. 

Cookies. Cookies are files that websites send to your computer or other internet-connected device to uniquely identify your browser or to store information or settings on your device. Your browser may tell you how to be notified when you receive certain types of cookies and how to restrict or disable certain cookies. We use session cookies set by Google to remember your preferences and other information such as Website statistics and Google Analytics as a third party web analytics service on our Website. It helps us analyze how visitors use the Website. The information obtained for this purpose (including your IP address and other information collected by automated means) will be disclosed to or collected directly by these service providers. We use the following types of cookies:

Name of CookiePurpose of CookieCookie type and duration
_gaUsed to distinguish individual users who have visited the web siteThird-party, Google Analytics (2 Years)
_gidUsed to distinguish individual users who have visited the web siteThird-party, Google Analytics (24 Hours)
_gat_gtagUsed to restrict the number of requests being sent to Google AnalyticsThird-party, Google Analytics (1 minute)
1p_jarUsed to collect web site statistics and track conversion ratesSession (30 days)

The Internet browser you use usually opens as Cookies accepted. However, you can change these settings at any time and inactivate cookies. Google has their own Privacy Policy which you can review here. If you’d like to opt out of tracking by Google Analytics, visit the Google Analytics opt-out page.


We are taking the necessary technical and administrative precautions for providing the appropriate level of security, in order to ensure the maintenance of personal data and protect against unlawful processing and access of personal data by taking the utmost care to store your information.

Playable Factory does not have any obligation except to inform the concerned person and the relevant administrative authorities; in case of obtainment, alteration or deletion of your information by means of unauthorized entry, disruption, replacement of your data stored by Playable Factory.

All information received in order to make you benefit from the services offered by Playable Factory is protected in accordance with our obligations under the relevant legislation regarding the protection of the personal data.

Playable Factory provides limited access to its employees and business partners -particularly third-party partners- who need access to relevant information in the scope of legal obligations or Playable Factory system requirements.


Your collected personal data may be transferred, processed and stored to overseas countries, countries other than the visitor’s country and the jurisdiction and servers in another country only if you provide your explicit consent and in accordance with the storage of such data or other lawful purposes in this Policy. 

Accordingly, Playable Factory may transfer the processing procedure with a sub-contract to another person or may share your information with third parties in countries other than your country of residence in order to carry out the activities specified in this Privacy Policy. When performing this procedure, Playable Factory complies with the obligations stipulated in the relevant legislation. Thus, your personal information may be subject to different privacy rules than your country of residence. However, the data will be processed in a way that is limited to the scope in this Policy.

Playable Factory may transfer your personal data with its suppliers that provide services on website building, information security and infrastructure. In this context, your personal data are transferred and processed exclusively for the above-mentioned purposes so that we can provide you with better quality service with our suppliers. These service providers can only access this information to the extent necessary for the performance of the services.

Playable Factory does not give rise to rent, sale or share of visitor’s personal information to other or non-affiliated companies (ex. direct marketing purposes). Playable Factory, however, may share non-personal (anonymous) aggregate information with third parties. 

Your personal data can be shared with public institutions and organizations authorized to request such data in order to fulfill Playable Factory’s obligations under the law (where obligation to give information exist such as fight against the crime, threat against government and public security).

If we agree that a reasonable disclosure is necessary, in cases where legally authorized, may share information with third parties in order to fulfill our own legal obligations or to ensure operation or user safety.


The following criteria are used by Playable Factory in the determination of the storage and retention period of your personal data obtained in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation:

  1. If the relevant legislation stipulates a period of time for the storage/retention of such personal data, this period shall apply. After this period, necessary actions are taken.
  2. At the end of the period foreseen in the relevant legislation or if any period for storing such data is not foreseen the suitability of storing the information is questioned considering certain principles, for example; whether Playable Factory has a legitimate purpose in the storage of data. The data determined to be in violation of the principles stipulated in the legislation shall be deleted, destroyed or anonymized.

The personal data obtained by Playable Factory shall be destroyed in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation by Playable Factory ex officio or upon application of data subject, in the event that the personal data processing objectives listed in this Policy are abolished.


You have following rights pursuant to article 11 of the Law numbered 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ;

  1. To learn whether personal data is processed or not,
  2. To request information about personal data if they have been processed,
  3. To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used appropriately for their purpose,
  4. To know the third parties to which personal data are transferred in country or abroad,
  5. In the event that personal data are missing or incorrectly processed, to request them to be corrected,
  6. To request erasure or destruction of personal data according to legislation we are subject to, 
  7. To request that third parties to whom personal data are transferred shall be notified of the procedures for the correction, erasure or destruction of personal data,
  8. To object to the occurrence of a result against the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
  9. To demand that the damage is eliminated in the event of a corruption due to the processing of personal data unlawfully.

If you have any requests regarding the data collected under this Policy, including without limitation, requests to remove, delete, amend, modify or transfer the data, please contact us at: hello@playablefactory.com. Please be sure to include your name, address and email address in any correspondence to us so that we can respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.