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The ultimate product for transforming your videos into interactive ads. With Flex, you can easily add buttons, texts, and tutorials to your videos, creating a unique and engaging experience for your audience. Say goodbye to boring ads and hello to playable, interactive content. Try Flex today and take your video marketing to the next level.

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Why use Flex?

Easy to use interface
Videos into interactive ads
Ready to use assets
No coding required
Unlimited creative production
Fully responsive
Easy to use Easy to use Easy to use Easy to use
No Coding. Simple, Fast and Easy to Use!

Flex makes it easy for non-coders to create interactive video ads with customizable buttons, text, animations, and effects. It also allows for the upload of additional assets such as images, audio, and video clips for complete creative control. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Flex is perfect for mobile advertisers looking to create engaging and effective video ads.

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Frequently asked questions
How do I use Flex?

You can add dozens of different assets and add interactivity to your videos with drag-and-drop methods with no-coding required. Our product, which we have been working on with passion, will be available for beta testing in May.

What can we edit in Flex?

You can edit all your video creatives. You can add audios, images, buttons and texts, produce different creatives from your videos in seconds and give them different impressions.

Is Flex self service?

Yes, 100% self-service. However, we will always be ready to support you with any of your questions or problems with our experienced team.

Can Flex be integrated with all ad networks?

Of course! We're supporting all ad networks to publish your creatives.

What is a interactive video playable ad?

Interactive video playables are creatives produced by adding buttons, tutorials, and new interaction areas to your video creatives. In this way, you can engage your customers with your video creatives and offer them an opportunity for interactivity.

How long does it take to create a playable?

Adding new buttons, creating new effects, and turning them into playables to add interactivity to your video creatives will take just a few minutes with Flex.

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