Why You Should Build Your Ad Strategy on HTML5

There is a new competitor in the area;
interactive HTML5 ads!

How has pandemic changed the mobile industry?

More than a year ago, everyone started living in an unforeseen situation. Now this situation is called the “new normal.” Every aspect of people’s lives has been affected to some degree. But one particular part of daily life has had a huge impact: our digital presence.

Why You Should Consider Playable Ads In Your Marketing Strategy ASAP

One of the latest and most exciting trends in the marketing industry, playable ads or advergaming if you like, has been stepping out of its homelands recently. In other words, playable ads are no longer exclusive to the gaming industry.

How Advergaming is Changing the Marketing Industry

Interactive ads first came into the picture in the gaming industry’s self-advertisement, but today brands from every industry are using gamified ads to boost engagement and the conversion rates of their ad campaigns.

The Effect of Playable Ads on App Downloads

Marketer’s new favorite ad type, interactive ones, are becoming more and more popular as usage grows every day. The once format, once exclusive to the gaming industry, has begun to spread in non-gaming areas like social networking, education, weather, shopping, productivity, and finance areas.

What Type of Ad Works Best for Gen Z?

We are going to be sharing lots of useful insights into the behaviors of the younger generations and, in this article, we are going to be focusing on the best ways to grab the attention of Gen Z through online ads.

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