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The rise of interactive mobile ads

The mobile gaming industry has a rich heritage of driving innovation and creativity in the mobile advertising world. From developing new ad formats to putting rigorous A/B testing at the heart of their product, mobile games are often the trendsetters for the wider mobile ecosystem.

Gökçe Nur Oğuz International Womens Day

PocketGamer.biz spoke with Gökçe Nur Oğuz, CEO and co-founder of Playable Factory, who spoke on how women are joining the Turkish mobile games industry, encouraging the tremendous female mobile playerbase, and bringing more women into developer and managerial roles.

How To Create Kickass Puzzle Playable Ads

First, as always we need to understand the user, and since it is a puzzle game they(or we) want to feel accomplished and capable. Puzzles will test users’ intelligence and by completing users will feel smarter.

Why Playable Ads are More Effective Than Others?

Researches in recent years reveal that playable ads are more efficient and effective. What are the advantages of interactivity in advertising? Here are the reasons for more efficient production of playable ads.

What Type of Ad Works Best for Gen Z?

Gen Z has obivous different visions and life expectancy than older generations. So what does this generation think about advertisements, what do they like?

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