Online advertising is about to kill conventional advertising. Last year, companies spent 341 billion USD on digital ads globally. Compared to conventional ads, on which companies spent 379 billion USD, we can safely say that the new format is beating its predecessor.1 It is obvious that digital advertising will take the crown this year, but there is a new competitor in the area; interactive HTML5 ads! 

The industry knows that digital ads have many pros compared to conventional ads, but we are not here to tell you about the amazing universe of digital ads. Instead, we are going to focus on the type of digital ad format that beats every other one: HTML5 ads. Here at Playable Factory, we design all our interactive ads on HTML5 standard, and we know exactly why everyone should be using HTML5 ads instead of outdated methods.

HTML5 Gives You Creative Freedom 

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The core of advertisement is freedom, and there is no better way than HTML5 that gives you full freedom in terms of creativity. With HTML5, you can design any kind of rich media ad that fits your target audience perfectly. Think of HTML5 ads as web pages within web pages, as the format supports all kinds of media, including text, images, videos, and even games with total interactivity. Here at Playable Factory, we take advantage of HTML5’s creative flexibility in our playable ads. The best part? They work on every browser and device—no plug-ins required!

HTML5 is Perfect for Mobile Ads

For five years, mobile ads have been first place in terms of ROI, and this is only rising.2 According to eMarketer, the average user spends more than four hours a day looking at their mobile devices. Therefore, mobile is where your ads need to shine and grab attention. With HTML5’s unlimited flexibility, you can reach that goal easily and, thanks to its nature, HTML5 works on all mobile devices and produces a massive conversion.

HTML5 has incompatably high CTR

Even for banner-type ads, rich-media HTML5 ads have almost 270% higher click-through rates compared to outdated banners.3 When you add the incredibly high appeal of interactive ads into the picture, the number reaches up to as much as seven times more CTR than standard, conventional ads.

Playable Ads Takes the Biggest Advantage of HTML5

Thanks to HTML5’s rich media support abilities, we don’t have to choose old-school web formats like Flash for our playable ads. We know that playable ads already dominate the marketing industry with their incredible conversion rates, and with non-gaming brands getting into the field, the interactive ad industry is only going to get more exciting. Here at Playable Factory, we gamify your product with the best creative language for your brand and, of course, we use the most popular format, HTML5. To get a hint of what we offer, visit our case studies page.

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