This post published at Puzzle Society on Nov 21, 2022.

It has been 6 months since I joined this great society, it’s time to give some back :)
Thanks, Claire Rozain for creating this!!

First, as always we need to understand the user, and since it is a puzzle game they(or we) want to feel accomplished and capable. Puzzles will test users’ intelligence and by completing users will feel smarter. Especially if we passed it the first time!! :)

To understand the playable ads better, let’s break down the playable into parts:


Finding a good idea is not easy every time, also creative synergy is very powerful. So inspire by the best-performing videos/images/banners/store images.

Planning and preparing before taking action is the key. It is always important to create a playable flow before the development.

First scene

This will be the first thing the user going to see so it is important to make it powerful!

Tutorial — must be very clear and there shouldn’t be any complex first move. Users don’t have much time to learn “how to play” in a playable ad. They should start as soon as they see the ad. Easy as that.

Nudging– is also important to get that first click and increase the success of the playable. Repetitive yo-yo movements are what I like to use most :)

CTA– Call to action message at the beginning is key to creating urgency and excitement. You need to save the character or solve the puzzle before it is too late!!


Gameplay need to be beautifully arranged to give pleasure to the user. Also, it needs to look like the game itself, the quality of the work matters! In addition to that, you need to find that sweet spot between complex and very easy gameplays.

Variation– Sometimes it is also good to add some spice, different gameplay variations help with that. The users most likely will see the ad more than once, so it is good to have different choices through the gameplay.

Difficulty– The gameplay must be easy but hard enough to make the user feel successful in the end. You can exclude some items to make the level easier.

Goal– Make sure the goal is clear and avoid any other friction while users reach that. Have one task to complete.

Show the best part– let people know about what is fun to do in your game!

In-Game CTA Button– Users can always go to market from here at any point. You can also make it powerful with an image banner :)

Feedback– Give positive/negative feedback during the game. As negative feedback, I love pulsing red vignettes to tell users: “You are so close to fail, be careful!! “

Celebration– is also very essential, give them big applause after they win!


CTA– should be very clear and ask them to install the game!

Next level– fake next level also could be great.In the fake next level, everything will look the same as the beginning of the playable but every click will redirect the user to the store. After tasting these kick-ass playable ads this will leave people wanting more…

Fail– Give them a second chance, or send them to the store so they can download and retry :)

Bonus tip

Sometimes you never know exactly, so it is good to have some options to iterate the playable and test different variations! Check the playable metrics and iterate to find the best-performing one!

*Images from Sensor Tower and Mobile Action.
***Games: Royal Match, Joy blast, Treasure Party, Candy Crush, Tangle Master 3D, Property Brothers. Match Masters.