The Gaming Industry is Changing the Way Marketing Works—Here’s How

When you think about the entertainment industry, movies, TV, and music are usually the first three branches that come to mind, but there is a new silent player that already sits on the top: the gaming industry. After the mobile gaming revolution, the gaming industry has begun to grow unstoppably, and the eternal war between consoles has only helped the immense rise of the industry. Last year, the gaming industry became bigger than movies and North American sports combined.1 Yes, the pandemic was a huge differentiator in this scenario, but industry leaders don’t think things are going to go backwards for the gaming industry anytime soon.

Predictably, an industry growing at such a pace isn’t only affecting its own territory, it’s also transforming the way things work in many other areas, and marketing is one of them.

The New Favorite in Marketing: Gamification

We mentioned that digital ads have become the most popular ad type in the last a couple of years in our previous article, and the most effective type of digital ad came with the immense rise of mobile gaming. The easy-to-play nature of mobile games encourage users to take action and attract their attention, even if the game is part of an ad campaign.

Interactive ads first came into the picture in the gaming industry’s self-advertisement, but today brands from every industry are using gamified ads to boost engagement and the conversion rates of their ad campaigns. Playable ads dramatically change the rules of marketing, and here at Playable Factory, we see the results firsthand. According to VentureBeat, playable ads are by far the new favorite ad type of marketers.2 Below, you can find the top three main reasons interactive, playable ads have become so popular with marketers in just a few years.

Why Do Markets Prefer Playable Ads Over Anything Else?

Incomparable Conversion Rates

If you think short video ads or animated ads are the best way to go, you are wrong. Compared to conventional visual ads, gamified ads result in 700% more conversion, and that is not the only advantage of the new and attention-seeking ad type.3

Younger Generations Love Games

One of the biggest goals of marketers is to win the younger generations’ hearts, and advergaming is the best way to go. Studies show that games are one of top three interests of millennials and Gen Z. On top of that, inviting them into the marketing experience burns your brand into their minds forever. You can read more about our deep dive into the effect of playable ads on Gen Z here.

Pushing the Limits of Creativity

Conventional online ads may be easy to create, but from a creative point of view, it is a highly limited format. Playable ads, on the other hand, let you create something from scratch with infinite possibilities. If you are aiming for the best, playables are the safest way to go. Here at Playable Factory, we join forces with our clients to design the best playable ad campaign ideas, So far, the results have been incredible. Let’s meet and begin working on the next big digital marketing campaign for your brand!

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