This post published at Puzzle Society on Mar 10, 2023.

As Playable Factory, we are thrilled to share the story of our Tiktok game, Beauty Salon. TikTok is where games go viral in recent years, and also a hub for trends, challenges, and entertaining(sometimes weird 👀) videos. When TikTok begins pilot testing HTML5 games, we were quite excited, since HTML5 is one of our strong sides. Finally, we become one of their new partners in gaming.


As a side job, we were browsing through Tiktok for new playable ideas and trends. Interesting(🙂) videos like “this”, featured a person getting a foot treatment, and it had millions of views. We analyzed why it was so popular and discovered that it was the ASMR factor, the satisfying sounds, and the visuals that captured the viewers’ attention.

We decided to take this concept and turn it into a game. We removed all the gross stuff and added more satisfying ASMR sounds and visuals. We added rewarding scenes that would make players feel accomplished after completing a level and called it Beauty Salon.


We launched the game on Tiktok, and after a couple of months it went viral 🤯. We had over 2.5 million users in a day, playing our game! It was an incredible feeling to see so many people enjoying our creation.

The game has different levels, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. We make sure to keep the ASMR factor consistent throughout the game, ensuring players feel relaxed and satisfied after every level.

We are happy with the success of Beauty Salon, and we owe it to Tiktok for inspiring us since the idea came from the videos inside Tiktok!


TikTok offers a new world for gaming, outside of the App Store and Google Play. In fact, although Snapchat Gaming had a successful launch, it closed down due to company policy not wanting to put in the effort, leaving a gap in the social media platforms for gaming. This created a big opportunity for Tiktok. Also, it’s important to note that, although there is currently no monetization on TikTok Gaming, the platform has already shown its potential.


Could Tiktok Gaming be the next big thing? Absolutely! There are over a billion users who use the app every month, so it’s definitely possible for gaming to be successful on Tiktok. After all, gaming is a huge part of our life at any age, and it’s great that Tiktok is embracing it. Who knows? Maybe the future of gaming is headed toward Tiktok.